Monday, September 23, 2013

Library System Changes at UNA

UNA Libraries are migrating to a new automated library system the week of September 23rd.  This move will transition UNA from ExLibris Voyager to Innovative Interface’s Sierra.  Dramatic changes will take place behind the scenes as library employees learn new software and workflows so we are asking patience on behalf of all users.  At some level this change will impact all libraries (Collier, LRC, Music, and Kilby) and bring some changes to the user interface.  We will minimize the impact as much as possible; however, there are always glitches and unknowns when large-scale transition takes place.  There may be some lag in the purchasing and processing of new materials as we bring the system online.  There may also be some initial circulation snags as well.  There will be no disruption in access to online resources.  

Thanks for your patience!

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