Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ILL Gets an "Easy" Button

Tired of trying to figure out what the volume and issue number are when you fill out an ILL form? There is an end in sight. Now you can use an "easy" button to supply this information.

How does this work? Simple: 1) Find the perfect citation in one of the library's database (or even Google Scholar). 2) Click the "Full-Text @ UNA" link to determine if the article is full-text in any of the library's databases. 3) If the article is full-text, follow the link to the full-text article. 4) If full-text is not available, click "ILL Article Request." 5) The ILL form will load and the citation information will populate the appropriate fields. 6) Enter your "requester" information. 7)Click "Submit" then sit back and wait for your article to arrive.